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Alphabetics Anonymous are a collective of signwriters and lettering artists. Coming from a variety of creative backgrounds, and using traditional techniques which have been passed down through generations of signwriters, we combine our knowledge and individual styles, approaching every project with a personal and thorough design process.

Whether it's a signwriting brief or community mural project, we believe a piece of hand painted lettering communicates to the public in a more authentic, 'human' way. This timeless quality is something we aim to encourage and preserve in a digital age.

Founded by Toucan Signs, we began as a guild and support group for signwriters in London – somewhere to turn for advice, tips and complaints about carrying ladders on public transport. As the group gathered momentum and spread its networks further afield, we began taking on larger mural projects under the name Alphabetics Anonymous. We aim to continue to provide an open support network where signwriters of all abilities can share and develop skills together, working within the existing community of signwriters across the UK and around the world. 


Alphabetics Anonymous is, and always will be, a gang of mates “Putting Paint Where It Ain’t”, sharing skills and seeking to create beauty in the community - and having a ton of fun in the process. 



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