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As part of Joby Carter’s 2019 Signwriting Festival, a spin off of the annual Letterheads Meet held at his family-run Steam Fair in Maidenhead, Alphabetics Anonymous were honoured to be invited by Joby to design and signwrite the back panel of his Father-In-Law’s original vintage Penny Arcade as part of the event. 


Together, the team each took on separate elements of the design, inspired by the existing traditional fairground designs on the front of the Arcade, bringing in other decorative style and lettering effects from around the Steam Fair, and pulling 1930’s style references to suit the era in which the Arcade’s ‘penny-in-the-slot’ machines were made and enjoyed. The bold, classic layout is designed to catch the eye and communicate from afar, as this back panel of the Arcade is seen from the roadside as the fairground travels between sites all over the country during the

summer months. 


The piece was executed in true Alphabetics Anonymous collaborative spirit, marked up on site by hand and painted by Alphabetics members and fellow signwriters from across the country who were attending the event, and will proudly remain as part of The Carter’s Steam fair for many years

to come. 

AA_Carters_SteamFair_Arcade_Mural_6 copy
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