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Hana Sunny Whaler of Alphabetics Anonymous led this pub refurbishment for Fuller’s. Designers Westwood Studios had the aim of restoring The Windmill to it’s former glory, at it’s home on The Cut, Waterloo. 


They called on Hana to design and execute all the exterior signage, from sign-written and gilded fascias, to exterior mock-ghost signs, and gilded windows, as well as the interior wayfinding and door signage. All lettering and layouts were drafted by hand, with lettering styles and colour palettes complimenting with the new design scheme, sitting naturally with the architecture of the building, and the bustling street the pub sits on. 


The full Alphabetics team were called in to carry out the works. Mia, Jake and Hana worked together on the 23ct gold leaf fascia signage, and the 26ft tall mock ghost sign. Jay and Archie were set to work on the 9 windows which wrap around the pub frontage, which got a classy Chicago-gild treatment - 23ct mirror gild and green gold matt centres, finished with a dark green outline to match the pub’s new enamel tiled frontage. 


The exterior works were finished off by Hana and Jake, with a second mock ghost sign, designed for an invented business ‘The Windmill - Bread & Flour’, inspired the pubs namesake, which relates to the history of Windmills operating in the area.  

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